Marry My Husband, Episode 12
Marry My Husband and the Curse Of Episode 12
Marry My Husband was nearly perfect until the accursed episode 12, when the drama decided to throw all the goodwill they'd earned out the door.
Doctor Slump
Doctor Slump's Chaotic Couple May Cure Your Drama Slump
A review of episodes 1 to 4. Doctor Slump feels both fresh and nostalgic to me. Fresh because external conflict takes up too much screen time in k-dramas now, and we barely get any couple moments until...
See You In My 19th Life
See You In My 19th Life's Ending was an emotional scam
Let me explain in this post why See You In My 19th Life should be in drama prison for pulling a scam on its audience and ordered to compensate us for emotional damages.
Naksu in Alchemy of Souls
What have they done to Naksu?
While many were bummed out that Jung So-min would no longer be our Naksu, many more were thrilled to be finally getting the "real" Naksu back with Go Yoon-jung. But we were disappointed.